We love Ms. Vango! My daughter has fun and is engaged, and at the same time she is challenged. It is the perfect balance. She looks forward to lessons and performances. Ms. Vango helped my daughter develop an appreciation for music, a good ear and wonderful piano skills. -- Melissa Murray

My granddaughter, Maddie Miller, and I were very fortunate to find Hannah. Her friendliness in taking a personal interest in her students along with her insistence on high standards makes a good balance, and I am very pleased with the results. -- Ellen Catherine

My son has been taking piano instructions from Hannah since he was 5 years old. Not only does he continue to love playing the piano, 9 years later, but he developed a fondness for music. He also plays the viola. Hannah's method also is much more different than other teachers. My 2 older children took piano lessons from a different instructor, starting at 5 years old and only stayed with it for 2 years. She has a way with teaching and encourages them to have passion and love for piano music. -- Pearl Jones

I have two children who have been taken piano lessons with Ms. Vango. She is a very experienced pianist and teacher and is very knowledgeable about piano methods that both appeal to children and also are effective for learning important piano skills in an order that makes sense. My second oldest uses Vango Piano Method Book One and enjoys it. This is a good introduction to piano book for parents who would like to sit with their child and work on a few pages at a time or even for other piano teachers starting their own new beginner students. -- Erica Vogel

Both of my children had their very first piano lessons under the tutelage of Hannah, and Vango Piano Method Book One was one of the first books from which they learned to read music. This book was easy for them to follow and they were never frustrated with the learning process. They always looked forward to their music lessons and even fought over who got to go first! I highly recommend Hannah and her piano method books for any beginner. -- Stefani Zellmer

Hannah is a very good piano teacher who cares about her students and prepares for every lesson. My two children's skills improved under her tutelage. -- Arnulfo Trevino

My daughter, Scarlett, began taking lessons with Hannah in Austin at age 6 until Hannah had to relocate from Austin, Texas to Paradise Valley, Arizona. Scarlett had no previous music experience and within the first few lessons, she loved the piano. Hannah is a natural with children of all ages. Hannah was a popular teacher with the elementary students in our neighborhood so we were thankful to find placement for 30-minute weekly lessons.
Hannah has a low-pressure, supportive teaching style that is very positive but not falsely effusive. Scarlett picked up on this immediately and liked that Hannah was nice but also honest about her progress. It made my daughter want to work harder to advance in her book, and Hannah helped her by acknowledging which parts were strong and which parts needed work. For Hannah, advancement is based on reasonable mastery so Scarlett felt very proud when she received a new song. Practice was never a problem because she loved Hannah and enjoyed how quickly she felt she was advancing. We couldn't keep her off the piano at home--it soon replaced video games as a favorite pastime!
Hannah organizes recitals and community performances and encourages concert-level professionalism of her students of all skill level. As parents, it was amazing to watch our elementary-aged kids walk up on a stage after a few months of lessons and do something we never knew possible.
After Hannah moved from Austin, Texas to Paradise Valley, Arizona, we tried to find a new teacher, but Scarlett has never felt the same about any other. Most of all, she missed Hannah's no-nonsense, kind, supportive approach where the rewards felt real. She internalized a love of music with her which is the point of lessons in the first place. Three years later, she still talks about her time with Hannah and wants her to move back to teach. We were lucky to have such a strong start. Learning piano with Hannah was a rare experience, and, sadly, one we've not been able to duplicate since. -- Mary K. Moore (parent of a former student when Hannah taught in Austin, Texas)

When I was in search for a piano teacher, I had no idea where to start. I found Hannah on Craigslist and she was truly a blessing in disguise. She was my very first piano teacher ever and such a delight to have. I started taking piano lesson at the age of 25 and was so scared and skeptical of being able play at such a late age. In just one year, she helped me overcome my fears and provided me with a solid music foundation. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with Hannah and it saddens me that she is no longer in Austin, Texas. Paradise Valley, Arizona is lucky to have her there! -- Robin Dao (former student when Hannah taught in Austin, Texas)